Retro Fitting The Home

Retro fitting the home with assistive modification. Lady using a step device to enter the bath tub.

Many older adults have spent decades raising families in their homes where they’ve created so many cherished memories. While it may not be possible for a loved one to live independently forever, making a few home modifications can keep the home safe and comfortable.

Home modifications for older adults reduce fall risk and help loved ones stay in their homes for as long as possible. Falls are one of the top reasons why many lose their independence and mobility. Many home modifications are easy and can likely be done without needing to call in a professional, while others require careful planning to install.

Basic Home Modifications:

• Remove anything that’s a trip hazard

• Install an elevated toilet seat

• Add extra lighting

• Add traction slips to the bathroom floor

Advanced Modifications:

• Install grab bars
• Install a bathroom heat lamp

• Add a stairlift

• Install a walk-in tub

• Install a ramp

Assistive Technology:

• Medical Alert Systems

• Smart Home Devices

• Assistive seating

While some home modifications can be expensive, they can help save money overall in comparison to the cost of health expenses associated with a fall or nursing home. Proper home modifications provide peace of mind knowing that loved ones are safe in their own home.

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